Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2017


In May, the summer semester colloquium season at the IAAEU will be beginning.
The lectures will take place on Tuesdays from 6 PM to 7:30 PM in the Max Weber room (Campus II, Building H, 7th Floor). 
All lectures are open to the public.






02.05.2017   Marie-Claire Villeval (GATE & CNRS - University of Lyon):*
    "Loss Aversion and Lying Behavior: Theory, Estimation and Empirical Evidence"
09.05.2017       Philipp Weinschenk (Technical University of Kaiserslautern):
    "Team Production and Time Preferences"
16.05.2017      Christian Merkl (University Erlangen-Nürnberg):**
    "How much did Hartz IV really contribute to the decline in German unemployment?"
23.05.2017   Astrid Kunze (NHH Norwegian School of Economics):*
    "Co-determination and gender diversity on boards – A comparative analysis for Germany and Norway"
30.05.2017   Jens Ruhose (University of Hannover):
    ”The Occupational Selection of Emigrants: Evidence from Mexico–U.S. Migration”
20.06.2017   Max Steinhardt (HSU Hamburg):
    "The Impact of Xenophobic Violence on the Integration of Immigrants"
04.07.2017   Marco Caliendo (University of Potsdam):*
    "Locus of Control and Investment in Training"
11.07.2017   Florian Zimmermann (University of Zurich): CANCELLED!!!





Adrian Chadi

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* along with the Colloquium on Business Administration at Trier University

** along with the Colloquium on Economics at Trier University







Colloquium on Economics -  Winter Semester 2016/2017


08.11.2016 Wolfgang Dauth (Universität Würzburg):           
  "Spatial Wage Disparities - Workers, Firms, and Assortative Matching"


Hans-Jörg Schmerer (Fern-Universität Hagen):
  "Redistribution, Trade and Corruption: An Empirical Assessment"
17.01.2017 Elisabeth Müller (Hochschule Heilbronn):*
  "Absorbing Partner Knowledge in R&D Collaborations -
The Influence of Founders on Knowledge Recognition, Assimilation and Exploitation"
24.01.2017 Stefan Bauernschuster (Universität Passau):**
  "Bismarck's Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline"

Jan Marcus (Universität Hamburg):

  "The Effect of Increasing Education Efficiency on University Enrollment:
Evidence from Administrative Data and an Unusual Schooling Reform in Germany"
07.02.2017 Heiko Rüger (Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung):
  "Pendelmobilität, Erwerbsleben und Gesundheit"

Daniel Baumgarten (LMU München):

  "Trade Exposure and the Decline in Collective Bargaining: Evidence from Germany"




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2016



Michael Engel (TU Hamburg):


"Occupational choice between work-for-hire and entrepreneurship in creative industries"



Silvio Vismara (Università Bergamo):


"Corporate Governance in Equity Crowdfunding"



Matias Cortes (University of Manchester):


"Task Specialization within Establishments and the Decline of Routine Employment"



Carsten Gerner-Beuerle (LSE):


"Say on Pay: Do Shareholders Care?"



Henning Müller (Universität Mainz):


"Improving Reactivation of Long-Term Unemployed by a Self-Regulation Training - a Randomized Field Experiment"



Annalisa Cristini* (Università Bergamo):


 "Product market competition and job polarization: Evidence from Europe"



Simone Schüller (ifo-Insitut):


"Internet and Voting in the Web 2.0 Era: Evidence from a Local Broadband Policy"



Jürgen Meckl (Universität Gießen):

Fällt aus!



Harald Tauchmann (Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen):

"Small Cash Rewards for Big Losers: Experimental Insights into the Fight against the Obesity Epidemic"



Daniel Schnitzlein (Universität Hannover):
  "Do rewards reduce effort? Evidence from university exams"


*  along with the Colloquium on Economics at Trier University




Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2015/2016


Matthias Sutter (Universität Köln):*
  "CSI economics: How customers’ insurance coverage induces sellers’ dishonesty in markets for credence goods"
17.11.2015 Alejandro Donado (Universität Heidelberg):
  "Why do they JUST DO IT? A theory of outsourcing and working conditions"
01.12.2015 Matthias Schön (Universität Köln):
  "Unemployment, Sick Leave and Health"
08.12.2015 Anne Gielen (Erasmus University Rotterdam):*
  "Parental Labor Market Attachment and the Career Investments of Children: Evidence from Disability Insurance Reform"
15.12.2015 Frank Fossen (Freie Universität Berlin):
  "Public Health Insurance, Individual Health and entry into self-employment"
05.01.2016 Nick Zubanov (Universität Frankfurt):**
  "The effect of downsizing on worker teams performance: Evidence from a retail chain"
19.01.2016 Patrick Arni (IZA):

"On or Off – Are Effects of Policy Changes Symmetric?
Evidence from Unemployment Insurance Reform under Incomplete Information

02.02.2016 Giovanni Mastrobuoni (University of Essex):
  "Criminal Discount Factors and Deterrence"


*   along with the Colloquium on Economics at Trier University

** along with the Colloquium on Business Administration at Trier University




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2015


28.04.2015 David Schindler (LMU München):  
  "Unleashing Animal Spirits - Self-Control and Overpricing in Experimental Asset Markets"  
05.05.2015 Markus Kröll (Universität Frankfurt):  
  "Honesty and Markets with Asymmetric Information: Evidence from Milkmen in India"  
12.05.2015 Christoph Moser (KOF, ETH Zürich):  
  "Performance, Luck, and Institutions in a Competitive Labor Market"  
19.05.2015 Matthias Heinz (Universität zu Köln):  
  "Team incentives and performance: Evidence from a retail chain"  
02.06.2015 Klaus Wälde (Universität Mainz):  
  "Stress and Coping: An Economic Analysis"  
09.06.2015 Matthias Uhl (TU München):  
  "Empathy Gap or Sympathy Gap? An Experiment with Commitment Option"
16.06.2015 Jens Mohrenweiser (Bournemouth University):  
  "The long-lasting effect of technological change on the careers of young workers:
Evidence from changes of mandatory training regulations"
07.07.2015 Michael Koch (Universität Bayreuth):  
  "Offshoring and Firm Overlap"  
14.07.2015 Susanne Braun (TU München):  
  "Authentic Leadership, Certainty and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Organizational Change Contexts"




Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2014/2015


 28.10.2014 Heiner Schumacher (Universität Aarhus):

"Signaling Cooperation"

25.11.2014 Marc Piopiunik (ifo Institut):
  "The Value of Smarter Teachers:  International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance"
09.12.2014 Gerald Eisenkopf (Universität Konstanz):
  "Behavioral Foundations of Conflict Resolution"
13.01.2015 Johanna Mollerstrom (George Mason University):
  "Richer (and Holier) than Thou? The Effect of Relative Income Improvements on Demand for Redistribution"
27.01.2015 Tanja Rabl (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern):
  "The importance of organizations’ willingness to learn from age diversity for employee retention"
03.02.2015 Michael Vlassopoulos (Universität Southampton):
  "Are Public Sector Workers Different? Cross-European Evidence from Elderly Workers and Retirees"
10.02.2015 Florian Neumeier (Universität Marburg):*
  "Do Buisnessmen make Good Governors?"




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2014


29.04.2014 Thomas Zwick (Universität Würzburg):
  "Adverse Selection and Information Advantages of Training Firms"
06.05.2014 Marina Schröder (Universität zu Köln):
  "The Spillover Effects of Monitoring: A Field Experiment"
13.05.2014 Matthias Neuenkirch (Universität Trier):
  "The Impact of UN and US Economic Sanctions on GDP Growth"
20.05.2014 Matthias Greiff (Universität Gießen):
  "Social Value Orientation and Expectations"
27.05.2014 Andrey Launov (Universität Mainz):
  "Thumbscrews for Agencies or for Individuals? How to Reduce Unemployment"
03.06.2014 Daniel Wiesen (Universität zu Köln):
  "The effects of fee-for-service, capitation, and mixed payment systems for physicians: A systematic experimental analysis"
17.06.2014 Oliver Himmler (Max-Planck-Institut zur Erforschung von Gemeinschaftsgütern):
  "Tax Evasion Spillovers"
24.06.2014 Christoph Wunder (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg):
  "Working hours mismatch and well-being: comparative evidence from Australian and German panel data"
01.07.2014 Nadja Dwenger (Max-Planck-Institut für Steuerrecht und Öffentliche Finanzen):
  "Crowding out of intrinsic motivation"
15.07.2014 Nikolai Stähler (Deutsche Bundesbank):
  "Towards a Fiscal Union? A Quantitative Assessment for Germany in EMU"
22.07.2014 Daniel Herbold (Universität Frankfurt):
  "A Repeated Principal-Agent Model with On-the-Job Search"



Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2013/2014


15.10.2013 Jakob Schwab (Universität Mainz):
  "Throwing the Spanner in the Works: The Mixed Blessing of FDI"                                                           
22.10.2013 Arjan Non (Universität Maastricht):
  "Time preferences, study effort, and academic performance"                                                                       
05.11.2013 Anja Schöttner (Universität Konstanz):
  "Hidden Benefits of Reward: A Field Experiment on Motivation and Monetary Incentives"
12.11.2013 Kerstin Schneider (Universität Wuppertal):
  "Steuerliche Anreize und Investitionen: Empirische Evidenz für Deutschland"
19.11.2013 Johannes Martin (RWTH Aachen):
  "Action or Reaction? When Do Firms Invest in the Human Capital of Their Employees? Evidence on the Timing of Further Training of Firms"
26.11.2013 Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch (Universität Bonn):
  "Which factors determine the shape of economic preferences?"
03.12.2013 Christian Bruns (Universität Göttingen):
  "Newspapers, Paywalls and Elections"
10.12.2013 Boris Hirsch (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg):
  "The cyclical behaviour of employers' monopsony power and workers' wages"
14.01.2014 Ulrich Zierahn (ZEW):
  "Field of Study, Qualification Mismatch, and Wages: Does sorting matter?"
28.01.2014 Tim Friehe (Universität Bonn):
  "Crime and Self-Control Revisited: Disentangling the Effect of Self-Control on Risk and Social Preferences"




Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2013


06.03.2013 Jose Maria Millan Tapia (Universidad de Huelva):
  "Unravelling the relationship between the business cycle and the own-account worker's decision to hire employees"


Dorothea Alewell (Universität Hamburg):

"Grundlegende Perspektiven in der (ökonomischen und sozialwissenschaftlichen) Analyse des Arbeitsrechts"



Magnus Hoffmann (TU Berlin):

  "Distributional Preferences in Probabilistic and Share Contests"


Daniel Bernhofen (University of Nottingham):*

  "Estimating the Effects of the Container Revolution on World Trade


Alexander Sohn (Universität Göttingen):


"No longer top of the class: Professorial salaries in the 20th century"



Christoph Hanck (Universität Duisburg-Essen):


"Multiple Testing in Growth Econometrics"

19.06.2013 Matthias Krapf (Universität Wien):

"Parenthood and Productivity of Highly Skilled Labor: Evidence from the Groves of Academe"



Clemens Hetschko (FU Berlin):


"Unemployment and well-being - the scarring hypothesis revisited"



Christoph Bühren (Universität Kassel):


"Worker or Shirker – Who Evades More Taxes? A Real Effort Experiment"



Jörg Lingens (Universität Münster):


"Unions, intra-industry reallocations and aggregate industry productivity"



Thorsten Schank (Universität Mainz):


"Do foreign workers reduce trade barriers? Microeconomic evidence"




Colloquium on Economics - Winter Semester 2012/2013



Daniel Etzel (Universität Bayreuth):


"Union Wage Setting and International Trade"

30.10.2012 Patrick Kampkötter (Universität Köln):

"Differentiation and Performance ? An Empirical Investigation on the Incentive Effects of Bonus Plans" 

13.11.2012 Jörn Block (Universität Trier):
  "On the Benefits of Working in One's Own Family's Firm: Job Satisfaction and Wages of Family Employees"
20.11.2012 Agnes Bäker (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen):
   "Academic Mobility, Time to Tenure and Reputation of Tenure Granting Institution"
27.11.2012 Steffen Künn (IZA):
   "Getting Back into the Labor Market: The Effects of Start-Up Subsidies for Unemployed Females"
04.12.2012 Dominique Demougin (EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht):
   "Moral Hazard, Incomplete Contracts and the Role of Courts"
11.12.2012 Leonie Gerhards (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt):
  "Self-image vs. Social Image – The Incentive Effects of Symbolic Awards"
18.12.2012 Christiane Bradler (ZEW Mannheim):
   "Incentives and Creativity"
15.01.2013 Andreas Knabe (Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg):
   "Social Norms, Identity and the Well-Being Cost of Unemployment"
22.01.2013 Mark Bernard (Maastricht University):
29.01.2013 Dana Sisak (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam):
   "Social Preferences or Collusion? Experimental Evidence"
05.02.2013 Christian Pfeifer (Universität Lüneburg):
  "Base Salaries, Bonus Payments, and Absenteeism among Managers in a German Company"



Colloquium on Economics - Summer Semester 2012



Florian Baumann (Universität Tübingen):


"Self-employment, education and employment protection"


Mario Mechtel (IAAEU):


"Identity and voting"


Laszlo Goerke (IAAEU):


"Trade union membership and sickness absence: Evidence from a sick pay reform"


Tim Friehe (Universität Konstanz):


"Optimal damages multipliers in oligopolistic markets"


Thomas Buser (Universität Amsterdam):


"Gender, competition and career choices"


Florian Hett (Universität Mainz, Universität Frankfurt am Main):


"Social networks, leadership and contests: Experimental data and field behavior"


Marco de Pinto (Universität Kassel):


"Unemployment benefits as redistribution scheme of trade gains – a normative analysis"


Vanessa Mertins (IAAEU):


"Gender differences in preference malleability"


Adrian Chadi (IAAEU):


"The role of survey methodology in the reporting of satisfaction"


Tobias König (Universität Hannover):


"Self esteem and task performance - Evidence from educational outcomes"


Wolfgang Hoffeld (IAAEU):


"Minimum wages & X-inefficiency"


Jörg Franke (TU Dortmund):


"The optimal bias in lottery and allpay auction contests"


Philipp Denter (Universität St. Gallen):


"Do polls create momentum in political competition?"