Colloquium on Economics at the IAAEU



Winter Semester 2016/2017


In October, the winter semester colloquium season at the IAAEU will be beginning. The lectures will take place on Tuesdays from 6 PM to 7:30 PM in the Max Weber room (Campus II, Building H, 7th Floor). All lectures are open to the public.




08.11.2016 Wolfgang Dauth (Universität Würzburg):             
  "Spatial Wage Disparities - Workers, Firms, and Assortative Matching"  


Hans-Jörg Schmerer (Fern-Universität Hagen):  
  "Redistribution, Trade and Corruption: An Empirical Assessment"  
17.01.2017 Elisabeth Müller (Hochschule Heilbronn):*  
  "Absorbing Partner Knowledge in R&D Collaborations -
The Influence of Founders on Knowledge Recognition, Assimilation and Exploitation"
24.01.2017 Stefan Bauernschuster (Universität Passau):**  
  "Bismarck's Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline"  

Jan Marcus (Universität Hamburg):

  "The Effect of Increasing Education Efficiency on University Enrollment:
Evidence from Administrative Data and an Unusual Schooling Reform in Germany"
07.02.2017 Heiko Rüger (Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung):  
  "Pendelmobilität, Erwerbsleben und Gesundheit"  

Daniel Baumgarten (LMU München):

  "Trade Exposure and the Decline in Collective Bargaining: Evidence from Germany"  

* along with Business Administration Colloquium at Trier University

** along with Economics Colloquium at Trier University




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