IAAEU Discussion Papers





Chadi, Adrian:

There Is No Place like Work: Evidence on Health and Labor Market Behavior from Changing Weather Conditions,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 09/2017.


Kellermann, Kim Leonie:

Minimum Wages and Vocational Training Incentives in Germany,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 08/2017.


Lorenz, Olga:

Does Commuting Matter to Subjective Well-Being?

IAAEU Discussion Paper 07/2017.


Chadi, Adrian and Clemens Hetschko:

Income or Leisure? On the Hidden Benefits of (Un-) Employment,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 06/2017.


Chadi, Adrian, Marco de Pinto and Gabriel Schultze:

Young, Gifted and Lazy? The Role of Ability and Labor Market Prospects in Student Effort Decisions,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2017.


Goerke, Laszlo and Michael Neugart:

Social Comparisons in Oligopsony,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2017.


Settele, Sonja and Reyn van Ewijk:

The E ffect of Cigarette Taxes during Pregnancy on Educational Outcomes of the Next Generation,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2017.


Hornuf, Lars and Marc Oliver Rieger:

Can Television Reduce Xenophobia? - The Case of East Germany,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2017.


de Pinto, Marco and Jörg Lingens:

The Impact of Unionization Costs when Firm-selection Matters,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 01/2017.










Hornuf, Lars and Christian Haddad:

The Emergence of the Global Fintech Market: Economic and Technological Determinants,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 06/2016.


Goerke, Laszlo:
Tax Evasion in a Cournot Oligopoly with Endogenous Entry,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2016,

forthcoming in: International Tax and Public Finance.


Goerke, Laszlo:

Sick Pay Reforms and Health Status in a Unionised Labour Market,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2016,

forthcoming in: Scottish Journal of Political Economy.


de Pinto, Marco and Laszlo Goerke:

Welfare-enhancing Trade Unions in an Oligopoly with Excessive Entry,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2016.


Chadi, Adrian:

Identification of Attrition Bias Using Different Types of Panel Refreshments,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2016.


Goerke, Laszlo and Sabrina Jeworrek:

Paid Vacation Use - The Role of Works Councils,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 01/2016.








Arnold, Daniel and Marco de Pinto:

How are Work-related Characterstics Linked to Sickness Absence and Presenteeism? - Theory and data,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 11/2015.

published in: Journal of Applied Social Science Studies (Schmollers Jahrbuch), 135(4): 465-498.


Hornuf, Lars and Susanne Braun:

Leadership and persistency in spontaneous dishonesty,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 10/2015.


Goerke, Laszlo and Markus Pannenberg:

Direct Evidence for Income Comparisons and Subjective Well-Being across Reference Groups,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 09/2015.
published in: Economics Letters, 137: 95-101.


de Pinto, Marco:

Firm-level versus Sector-level Trade Unions – The Role of Rent-Sharing Motives,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 08/2015,

forthcoming as "The Impact of Unionization Structures with Heterogeneous Firms and Rent-Sharing Motives" in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics.


Chadi, Adrian and Matthias Krapf:

The Protestant Fiscal Ethic - Religious Confession and Euro Skepticism in Germany,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 07/2015,

forthcoming in: Economic Inquiry.


Bäker, Agnes and Mario Mechtel:

Peer Settings Induce Cheating on Task Perfomance,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 06/2015.


Bernard, Mark, Florian Hett and Mario Mechtel:

Social Identity and Social Free-Riding,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2015

forthcoming in: European Economic Review.


Chadi, Adrian and Laszlo Goerke:

Missing at Work – Sickness-related Absence and Subsequent Job Mobility,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2015.


Chadi, Adrian:

Concerns about the Euro and Happiness in Germany during Times of Crisis,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2015.

published in: European Journal of Political Economy, 40: 126-146.


Chadi, Adrian and Clemens Hetschko:

How Job Changes Affect People's Lives – Evidence from Subjective Well-being Data,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2015.


Brändle, Tobias and Laszlo Goerke:

The One Constant: A Causal Effect of Collective Bargaining on Employment Growth? Evidence from German Linked-Employer-Employee Data,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 01/2015.







de Pinto, Marco and Jörg Lingens:

Unionization, Information Asymmetry and the De-location of Firms,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 12/2014.


Friehe, Tim,  Mario Mechtel and Markus Pannenberg:

Positional Income Concerns: Prevalence and Relationship with Personality and Economic Preferences,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 11/2014.


Arnold, Daniel, Tobias Brändle and Laszlo Goerke:

Sickness Absence and Works Councils,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 10/2014,
forthcoming as "Sickness Absence and Works Councils - Evidence from German Individual and Linked Employer-Employee Data"
in: Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society.


Goerke, Laszlo:

Tax Evasion by Individuals,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 09/2014.

published in: Encyclopedia of Law and Economics: Springer Science + Business Media.


Jeworrek, Sabrina and Vanessa Mertins:

Wage Delegation in the Field,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 08/2014.


Franke, Jörg, Ruslan Gurtoviy and Vanessa Mertins:

Workers' Participation in Wage Setting and Opportnistic Behaviour: Evidence from a Gift-Exchange Experiment,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 07/2014.


de Pinto, Marco and Jochen Michaelis:

The labor market effects of trade unions - Layard meets Melitz,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 06/2014.

published in: International Economics and Economic Policy, 13(2): 223-232.


Chadi, Adrian and Clemens Hetschko:

The Magic of the New: How Job Changes Affect Job Satisfaction,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2014,

published in: Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.


Friehe, Tim and Mario Mechtel:

Gambling to Leapfrog in Status?,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2014.

forthcoming in: Review of Economics of the Household.


Chadi, Adrian:

Dissatisfied with Life or with Being Interviewed? Happiness and Motivation to Participate in a Survey,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2014.


Block, Jörn, Laszlo Goerke, José María Millán and Concepción Román:

Family employees and absenteeism,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2014.

published in: Economics Letters, 123(1): 94-99.


Goerke, Laszlo:

Income Tax Buyouts and Income Tax Evasion,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 01/2014.

published in: International Tax and Public Finance, 22(1): 120-143.








Mertins, Vanessa and Wolfgang Hoffeld:

Do Overconfident Workers Cooperate Less? The Relationship between Overconfidence and Cooperation in Team Production,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 13/2013.

published in: Managerial and Decision Economics, 36(4): 265-274.


Mechtel, Mario:

It's the occupation, stupid! Explaining candidates' success in low-information elections,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 12/2013.

published in: European Journal of Political Economy, 33(1): 53-70.


Chadi, Adrian:

The Role of Interviewer Encounters in Panel Responses on Life Satisfaction,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 11/2013.

published in: Economics Letters, 121(3): 550-554.


Goerke, Laszlo and Inga Hillesheim:

Relative Consumption, Working Time, and Trade Unions,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 10/2013.

published in: Labour Economics, 24: 170-179.


Mertins, Vanessa and Susanne Warning:

Gender Differences in Responsiveness to a Homo Economicus Prime in the Gift-Exchange Game,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 09/2013.


Bäker, Agnes und Mario Mechtel:

The Role of Task Meaning on Output in Groups: Experimental Evidence,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 08/2013.

forthcoming in: Managerial and Decision Economics.


Chadi, Adrian:

Third Person Effects in Interview Responses on Life Satisfaction,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 07/2013.

published in: Journal of Applied Social Science Studies (Schmollers Jahrbuch), 133(2): 323-333.


Chadi, Adrian:

Regional Unemployment and Norm-Induced Effects on Life Satisfaction,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 06/2013.

published in: Empirical Economics, 46(3): 1111-1141.


Kremer, Jana and Nikolai Stähler:

Structural and Cyclical Effects of Tax Progression,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2013.


Chadi, Adrian and Clemens Hetschko:

Flexibilisation without Hesitation? Temporary Contracts and Workers’ Satisfaction,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2013.

published as "Flexibilisation without Hesitation? Temporary Contracts and Job Satisfaction"

in: Oxford Economic Papers, 68(1): 217-237.

Goerke, Laszlo and Markus Pannenberg:

Direct Evidence on Income Comparisons and Subjective Well-Being,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2013.


Mertins, Vanessa, Andrea B. Schote and Jobst Meyer:

Variants of the Monoamine Oxidase A Gene (MAOA) Predict Free-riding Behavior in Women in a Strategic Public Goods Experiment,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2013.

published in: Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics, 6: 97-114.


Goerke, Laszlo:

Relative Consumption and Tax Evasion,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 01/2013.

published in: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 87(1): 52-65.









Arnold, Daniel:

Benefit Morale and Cross-Country Diversity in Sick Pay Entitlements,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 11/2012.

published in: Kyklos, 66(1): 27–45.

Hillesheim, Inga and Mario Mechtel:

How Much Do Others Matter? Explaining Positional Concerns for Different Goods and Personal Characteristics,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 10/2012.

published in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 34: 61–77.

Egger, Hartmut and Daniel Etzel:

Union Wage Setting and International Trade,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 09/2012.

published in: Regional Science and Urban Economics, 48: 56-67.

Bäker, Agnes and Vanessa Mertins:

Risk-Sorting and Preference for Team Piece Rates,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 08/2012.

published in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 34: 285-300.


Goerke, Laszlo and Markus Pannenberg:

Trade Union Membership and Sickness Absence: Evidence from a Sick Pay Reform,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 07/2012.

published in: Labour Economics, 33: 13-25.

Marco de Pinto:

The Redistribution of Trade Gains and the Equity-Efficiency Trade-Off,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 06/2012.

published in: International Trade and Unemployment: on the Redistribution of Trade Gains when Firms Matter, Physica-Verlag (Springer), Berlin.

Goerke, Laszlo, Frederik Herzberg and Thorsten Upmann:

Failure of Ad Valorem and Specific Tax Equivalence under Uncertainty,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2012.

published in: International Journal of Economic Theory, 10(4): 387-402.

Marco de Pinto:

Unemployment Benefits as Redistribution Scheme for Trade Gains - A Positive Analysis,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2012.

published in: International Trade and Unemployment: on the Redistribution of Trade Gains when Firms Matter, Physica-Verlag (Springer), Berlin.

Friehe, Tim und Mario Mechtel:

Conspicuous Consumption and Communism: Evidence from East and West Germany,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2012.

published in: European Economic Review, 67: 62-81.


Goerke, Laszlo:

Profit Sharing and Relative Consumption,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2012.

published in: Economics Letters, 118(1):167-169.


Hillesheim, Inga and Mario Mechtel:

Relative Consumption Concerns or Non-Monotonic Preferences?,

IAAEU Discussion Paper 01/2012.







Ahrens, Alexander:

Do labour market institutions influence consumers' saving intention? Aggregate evidence from Europe,

IAAEG Discussion Paper 04/2011.

Egbert, Henrik, Mertins, Vanessa and Tanja Könen:

The Effects of Individual Judgments about Selection Procedures: Results from a Power-to-Resist Game,

IAAEG Discussion Paper 03/2011.

published in: Journal of Socio-Economics, 42: 112-120.

Eisenkopf, Gerald, Ruslan Gurtoviy and Verena Utikal:

Size matters – when it comes to lies,

IAAEG Discussion Paper 02/2011.


Heuermann, Daniel:

Job Matching Efficiency in Skilled Regions – Evidence on the Microeconomic Foundations of Human Capital Externalities,

IAAEG Discussion Paper 01/2011.
published in: European Journal of Spatial Development, 48: 1-27.







Hammen, Anke:

Fachliche Zusammensetzung von Mehrfachqualifikationen – Einflussfaktoren und Konsequenzen,

IAAEG Discussion Paper 03/2010.


Schneider, Peter:

The effect of academic socializing strategies on collaboration: Empirical evidence from European economics departments,

IAAEG Discussion Paper 02/2010.


Schneider, Peter und Dieter Sadowski:
Govenance configurations and academic outcomes: The example of Ph.D. education,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 01/2010.







Lünstroth, Pia:

Stufenmodell oder Leistungspunkte? Die Vergabe besonderer Leistungsbezüge an deutschen Universitäten,

IAAEG Discussion Paper 04/2009.


Heuermann, Daniel:
Human Capital Externalities in Western Germany,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 03/2009.

published in: Spatial Economic Analysis, 6(2): 139-165.


Heuermann, Daniel:
Reinventing the Skilled Region: Human Capital Externalities and Industrial Change,
IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2009.

in: Arijit Mukherjee (Hrsg.): Wages and Employment: Economics, Structures and Gender Differences, New York: (im Druck).

Heuermann, Daniel:

Career Networks and Job Matching - Evidence on the Microeconomic Foundations of Human Capital Externalities,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 01/2009.






Mertins, Vanessa:
Procedural Satisfaction Matters - Procedural Fairness Does Not: An Experiment Studying the Effects of Procedural Judgments on Outcome Acceptance,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 07/2008.


Mertins, Vanessa:
The Effects of Procedures on Social Interaction: A Literature Review,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 06/2008.


Heuermann, Daniel:
Job Turnover, Risk Sharing and Regional Wages in Western Germany,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 04/2008.


Schneider, Peter and Dieter Sadowski:
The impact of New Public Management (NPM) instruments on PhD education,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 03/2008.


Hammen, Anke:
Fachliche Zusammensetzung von Bildungsportfolios: Empirische Analyse eines Risk-Return Trade-Offs,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 02/2008.

Kühne, Kai and Dieter Sadowski:

Empirische Mitbestimmungsforschung und Öffentlichkeit,
IAAEG Discussion Paper 01/2008.





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